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When you are ready to incorporate a permanent health and fitness program into your life, contact us to guide and motivate you to achieve your desired fitness goals.  We will show you how exercise and sound nutrition may be our most powerful medicinal health tool.

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Onsite Service

Tom trains and coaches at your home, place of business and fitness facilities.

The mission of Tom ‘s company, HEART, HEALTH AND WELLNESS is to help you to improve yourself physically, boost your self esteem, decrease the stress in your life, and develop positive, healthy lifestyle habits.


Tom Noune is a health and fitness consultant with over 23 years experience in helping people achieve healthier lifestyle choices in various areas including exercise, nutrition and stress management. Tom is an expert at finding and suggesting simple solutions that his clients can incorporate into their daily lives to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Tom noune

Tom Noune has over 23 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Because of his passion for preventive health, Tom has been able to influence various organizations as to the importance of positive employer-employee relations through wellness.

Tom Noune’ has provided fitness consultation for several companies including Mary Kay Cosmetics, Computer Associates, Sabre Holdings, Inc., American Airlines, and Experian. He managed the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) regional Dallas/Ft.Worth Fitness Center for 13 years. He oversaw the operation, provided exercise prescriptions, fitness assessments, weight loss and nutritional consultation and coordinated health fairs.

Because of his passion for preventive health, Tom has been able to influence various organizations as to the importance of positive employer- employee relations through wellness.

Tom’s basic fitness philosophy consists of seven components: stretching, weight resistance training, cardiovascular exercise, nutrition, proper supplementation, rest and motivation. He also endorses the marriage between physicians and the health and fitness industry. Says Tom, “The more we can get physicians to educate their patients on the value of prevention, the farther along we will be with our health”.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Tom earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Eastern Michigan University. After relocating to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in 1983 and spending several years in the communications field, Tom made a decision to change his career path and follow his passion. Having an avid interest in health and fitness, Tom decided to parlay his avocation into a full-time professional career. As Tom states, “I’ve always enjoyed teaching people something that I truly believe will be beneficial for their quality of life.”

Tom earned his personal trainer certification from The Cooper Aerobics Clinic and launched his own fitness consulting business, Heart, Health & Wellness in 1992. He specializes in one-on-one personal training and designing and delivering corporate wellness seminars. From 1995 -1997, Tom was also associated with Q-The Sports Club marketing corporate memberships as well as designing individual exercise and nutritional programs. Tom also possesses a Special Populations certification from the Cooper Aerobics Center as well as a Primary Group Exercise certification from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).

Tom's genuine passion for health and fitness shines through when delivering to seminar audiences. The combination of humor and knowledge of wellness allows Tom to deliver his message effectively.

Tom’s health and fitness mission statement is quite simple:
“Get physically fit…for life.”

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